FPGA Programming

The Challenge

In order to make this Verilog program, I adapted the one described at https://numato.com/kb/generating-square-wave-using-fpga/ to the clock frequency of the hardware used in this challenge which it 125Mhz. The counter is so decremented by CLOCK_FREQUENCY/(2*freq/100) converted to integer through $rtoi method.

`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module tone_generator(
   input clk,
   input rst,
   output wave_out,
   input [31:0] freq
localparam CLOCK_FREQUENCY = 125000000;
// Counter for toggling of clock
reg [31:0] counter;
reg sq_wave_reg = 0;
assign wave_out = sq_wave_reg;
always @(posedge clk) begin
   if (rst) begin
      counter <= 32'h00;
      sq_wave_reg	 <= 1'b0;
   else begin
      // If counter is zero, toggle sq_wave_reg
      if (counter == 32'h00) begin
         sq_wave_reg <= ~sq_wave_reg;
				counter <= CLOCK_FREQUENCY/2 - 1;  

         counter <= $rtoi(CLOCK_FREQUENCY/(2*freq/100)) - 1 ;
   // Else count down
      counter <= counter - 1;

Here are the results of the different tests:

At 500Hz

At 1KHz

At 2 KHz

Random Simulation: 9532.66 Hz

8 KHz as a test Input

I was then able to Play Sound and Program Device!

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